+ Are you booking new design clients?

Yes we are! Please take a look our services page and reach out to through our contact page. We'd love to partner with you on to build your brand!

+ Do you offer a la carte options for graphic design?

We do! Tarva Design offers one-off graphic design services to help you build your business and brand. You can find a list of our capabilities on our services page, but our design services are not limited to that list—ready out to us via the contact page and we'll put together a custom quote for your project.

+ Do you work with any website platforms other than Squarespace?

Not at the moment. Our websites are developed using the trusted and user-friendly Squarespace platform. While Squarespace is a template based service, we customize each site to your unique brand with an emphasis on your business goals and user experience. In the end you’ll have a beautifully branded, professional website that you can easily manage and maintain yourself.

+ Will you give me feedback on my brand/website?

We love helping business owners grow and improve their brands and websites. If you would like to engage us for coaching sessions, be sure to reach out via our contact page.

+ Can you help me with a Squarespace question?

We are unable to answer questions about the Squarespace platform at this time. Our recommendation is to search the Squarespace Help site or live chat with a Squarespace representative—they're very helpful!

If you are a past web client of Tarva, please email us for help in resolving your question.

+ Where did the name "Tarva Design Studio" come from?

If you know Christin, you'll know she is a total Chronicles of Narnia fan girl! So when she was brainstorming business names several ideas from the Narnian stories by C.S. Lewis were on the list. Tarva is a planet that appears in the Narnia sky in the book Prince Caspian. The Narnians refer to the planet as the “Lord of Victory.” The name met all the requirements we had for our business name, and as a bonus had this personal connection for Christin!

+ Why is there a checkmark in the logo?

Starting a business can be an overwhelming process. It can seem as if there is a never ending check list of to-do’s and requirements that need to be met to get things off the ground. At Tarva Design Studio, we help our clients check one of the most important things of their start-up checklist——a stand-out, one-of-a-kind brand. And that's where the checkmark comes in!