You Don’t Care About Graphic Design

You don’t care about graphic design. You really don’t.

I know you’re interested in graphic design—you’re visiting a graphic design blog! You’re reading articles, pinning them for later, taking notes perhaps? But you don’t really care about graphic design. It’s not the thing you’re most excited about. You don’t spend all your waking minutes thinking about graphic design.

I’ll tell you this though—I know what you Do care about.

What you do care about isn’t whether or not you have the right typeface for your newsletter. You don’t care about the layout of your brochure. You really don’t care about whether or not every vector point of your logo is perfectly positioned. You may not even know what a vector point is! And that’s okay, because I know you don’t really care about it anyway.


Here’s what you really do care about with every fiber of your being.

(Are you ready for to hear it?)

You care about seeing your dreams come to life.

Did I get it right? I’m sure I did.

You have dreams, big ones! You have so many dreams you feel your heart will burst with excitement carrying them around inside you all the time. You dream about the future and have a vision for everything that can and will be. You love these dreams!

Let me tell you, I love your dreams too. It gives me so much energy when I get together with a passionate business owner like you and talk about business hopes, dreams, goals, and a vision for the future. Marie Kondo would say it “sparks joy,” Arty would say it “lights me up,” and The Fonz would say “Aaaaaaay!”

Just yesterday I was talking with an awesome couple about a new business they’re starting. Beyond the basics of where, when, how (the detail stuff), we discussed the big picture—everything this new business will mean to them, their family, and their community. Every single aspect of this business is fueled by a desire to love well and serve well. It was inspiring to hear their ideas and how they’re making plans to go after their dreams.

tHIS IS why I truly do care about graphic design.

I care about graphic design because I know it can bring your dreams to life.

You love your business. You want to see it flourish and grow. I want to help you make that happen with the power of design.

When you combine graphic design and your dream, it takes everything you’ve been thinking and puts it into a visible form so you can literally see your business idea become a reality.

I know that’s why you’re interested in graphic design—why you’re here on this blog. It’s not because you care so much about graphic design. It’s because you want to build your dream.

It’s not about the typefaces or the layouts or the vector points. It’s about creating an authentic, consistent personality for your business that equips you for the future.

You know graphic design will be an essential part of your business success and growth.

i know creating outstanding graphics for your business will fuel that growth.

I’ve seen first hand how graphic design has helped

  • Preston build on his family’s legacy with a dentistry practice of his own.

  • Megan start and grow her home goods dream business, supporting her and her husband Mike’s flexible, family-oriented lifestyle in ways no traditional job could.

  • Jennifer, energized by her entrepreneurial spirit and passion, start a new business and give her life more balance.

  • Brittany grow (exponentially!) a business where she can pursue her passion and serve her community.

  • Leah take her passion for baking to the next level with a successful cake business of her own.

If any of these stories sound familiar to you, I want to see graphic design help you build your dream too!

This next month—starting next week!—I’m going to be sharing a blog series with you that I’m calling “Back to Basics.” It’s all about

  • what graphic design is

  • why graphic design matters, and

  • the impact that graphic design can make on your small business.

Even if you think you know what graphic design is, I guarantee this series will bring it more into focus so you can see exactly why, how, & when to use graphic design to build your business and see your dreams in real life!

I’d love to hear from you!

What are your business dreams?
Why are you interested in graphic design as a part of building those dreams?