You Can Design Your Own Logo

A few days ago I saw a post in a Facebook business group that absolutely shocked me. A small business owner, who I will call Mindy, asked the group, “What app works well to make a business logo?”

Say what Mindy?!

You might be wondering why was I so shocked to read her question. It seems pretty harmless, right?

Well, what makes it a big deal is that your logo and branding—your company’s visual identity—speaks volumes about who you are and what you do. This is your client’s first impression of your business, and, as is often said, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Would you really want to put together something this important in just an app?

I own a small business just like Mindy does. I know what a big impact branding can make. A custom brand can transform a business that is forgettable, run-of-the-mill, and underperforming into a business that makes a lasting (and profitable!) impression with its customers.

I think Mindy knows all this. She’s building her business and recognizes that a custom logo will help her business grow. Her problem is she doesn’t know where to turn. That’s why she asked about an app, a “Do it yourself” (DIY) solution to her very important problem. And this is why I’m shocked.

I’m shocked because I can’t believe that Mindy would try to DIY something this important and valuable to her business growth.

I’m sure Mindy is just like the rest of us.

  • We want our branding to be memorable and make an impact.
  • We want our branding to truly represent “us” to our customers
  • We want our branding to help us attract ideal clients, grow our businesses, and make more money.

A good brand can do this for you, but the truth is there’s no magic app that you can use to get these results. Yes, you can quickly piece together a logo on a free app like Canva. You can buy an inexpensive, premade logo from sites like Fiverr or Etsy. You can spend hours with an actual design program and attempt a more high end DIY. But let me tell you—

You need a professional designer, not a “do it yourself” approach.

At the end of the day, only a professional designer will give you a memorable, communicative and impactful brand that attracts ideal clients and helps your business grow into the success you have always envisioned.

Let’s talk about you for a minute. There’s no doubt that you are an expert in your field. You’ve honed your craft and spent years building your skills. You know what it takes to get the job done right. You’re building your business, and maybe you’ve considered going down the DIY route. But think about this: You’re a pro, so why wouldn’t you want to entrust your brand to one as well?  If you’re still thinking “there’s an app for that,” here are three more reasons why considering hiring a professional designer is better for your business and your brand.  

Reason #1: Get experience on your side

Do you handle your own accounting? Prepare your own taxes? Keep your own books? Some things—like accounting & bookkeeping— are better handled by the professionals who have studied tax law, accounting techniques, and work day-in and day-out handling finances. Sure, maybe you do a little bookkeeping here and there, but when you want to make sure the job is done right, you hire a pro. 

The same is true when it comes to designing your brand. If you want a job done right, hire a professional designer. You can be sure that he’s bringing all his unique skills and experience to the table to get you the results you need. He’s a professional in his field just like you are in yours. A professional that has not only learned the graphic design basics but has also studied color theory, composition, typography (fonts), and design history. He will have gained valuable knowledge through years of work experience developing and implementing brand strategies. He’ll know what best practices to apply to your project, and he has the tools necessary to complete the job. All of this means that at the end of your project, your business will experience growth, look more established, and be something you can proudly use to promote your business.

Reason #2: Get a truly unique logo

When you choose to work with a professional designer, you will get a truly unique logo as well as a customer experienced tailored to meet your needs. You may think that going the DIY route will insure that your voice is heard (because you’re the only one listening!), and that the process will be smooth. But have you ever wasted hours trying to DIY a project, only to realize you’re no further along than you were when you started? The design process will be enjoyable and easy with the right guide. A professional designer will listen to you, champion your goals, and guide you through the design process, step-by-step.

With a designer, you’ll be working with a real person, not an app or a robot. He’ll consult with you—listening to your core values, your ideal client, your mission and purpose. Using these insights and his expertise, he’ll set goals for your project that align specifically with your business. His goal is to collaborate with you, not just dictate a design apart from your feedback. Together you’ll walk through the design process so that the end result—a beautiful logo for your business—is something you both can be proud of. Five dollars might get you a cheap, quick logo online (that, side note, may be sold to multiple other people!), but it’s a lonely, confusing process that won’t really reflect what your business is all about.

Reason #3: Get all the resources to leverage your brand

A lot of these bargain branding sites only sell you one file type. And spoiler alert: It usually isn’t the one you need to apply your logo to all the different pieces you’ll want. Websites, social media feeds, business cards, brochures, uniforms, client gifts, pens, name badges—these applications require a range of file types, not just one low-resolution JPG that you can’t scale or edit. At Tarva, we always make sure we give you all the tools you need to implement your new brand confidently and consistently—usually including a variety of color options and sizes as well. We know from experience that you need versatility when it comes to creating whatever you need for your company. We want you to be able to use what we, together, have spend time developing. We equip you with the resources you need so you can be put the designs to work with confidence. We also don’t disappear after the project is finished. Tarva will continue to be a resource and support for you in years to come—cheering you on in your growth.

Bottom line: You can design your own logo, but should you?

Because here’s what’s at stake—You could be stuck with a lack-luster brand that’s the equivalent of a limp handshake. At the end, you’re overwhelmed by the DIY process and confused about why your brand isn’t helping you make sales. You’ve wasted time and money on DIY resources, learned you really don’t have time to figure out all this stuff alone, and aren’t any closer to the results you want than when you started.

As one of the most essential parts of your business, you definitely owe it to yourself to consider investing in a professional designer who will help you develop a custom brand that won’t hold you back. So, step away from that app!  

Have you worked with a pro designer before? Do you have a custom logo? If not, what’s holding you back?

Need help designing your logo? 

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