2018 Year in Review


Last week I shared four tips for helping you create memorable, achievable New Year’s goals you can actually keep.

While this time of year is typically about looking ahead to the future, this week I want to take a look back—because we all need to celebrate the wins in life!

2018 was a huge year for us at Tarva Design Studio. Not only was it a huge year for us, it was also a huge year for you! You, our amazingly awesome clients, who chose to partner with us in building your brands. We did some incredible things together this past year! Let’s take a look...

Tarva-Design-Studio_BlogPost_January15_InfoGraphic_Final Design.jpg

When I was putting together the stats for this post, everything seemed to fall into four categories:

  • Communication,

  • Creation,

  • Celebration, and

  • Community.

Lets walk though each and see how we’ve been building our brands together this past year. 


Guys, we talked a lot this past year! Hundreds of emails, dozens upon dozens of phone calls, and now... video conferencing! We met to discuss brand strategy, new brands, marketing, and more.

One of my favorite things about this past year was introducing Zoom video conferencing into the options for how we can collaborate together. So whether you’re in Arizona, Michigan or just a few hours away in Charleston, we can get together face to face. It really makes a difference in bringing personality to your brand when we can communicate so clearly.

We also introduced Acuity scheduling to make it even easier to schedule meetings with you. I couldn’t believe we hadn’t done it sooner! (And I’ve gotten good feedback from you guys—you seem to love it too!) 



Over the course of the year, we were privileged to work with five amazing businesses to develop new  logos and visual branding packages.

It’s an incredible honor to partner with you as you build new businesses, take the next step in your existing business, or put a fresh face to the growth you’re experiencing.  

You are inspirational, and we love being a part of your journey to create a memorable, impactful business and brand.  

We will be highlighting each of these businesses over the course of the next few months on the blog.  So keep an eye out! 

We also created several marketing pieces for your businesses this year—and, thanks to Stephen for bring his expertise on board, we were also able to offer you print services—a new service offering we started in 2018! Now we can help you check one more thing off your list—taking care of design from idea to final piece!

If you’re looking for ways to market your business and build your brand awareness in 2019, check out my article “16 Ways to Build a Memorable Brand” on the blog.



One of our biggest wins for the year was  the launch our new name, branding and website for Tarva Design just a little over a year ago on January 8, 2018!

You may not know that Tarva Design Studio used to be a division of my art and illustration studio, Lute + Harp. In April of 2017, it became clear that the design side of the business needed it’s own identity and home. We began the long process of naming and branding the design business.

Overall, this process has given us an even greater appreciation for the day-to-day work our clients do every day of getting their businesses up and running. Thanks to Lute + Harp, we already knew that running a business can be very challenging and that sometimes the design of your brand can feel like just one more thing to check off the list. But it was good to experience those feelings all over again—and to push through knowing that branding makes an impact! 

Another win for us has been that I was able to move out of our home office into a beautiful office space in Greenville’s downtown, across from the Greenville Drive baseball stadium. It gives Tarva a regular, quiet spot to have meetings and host conference calls. Coffee shops are great, but they can get noisy! 

We’re so thankful for those of you who’ve been flexible to meet with us in coffee shops and homes around Greenville, and we’re also thankful to now offer this new level of service to you! 



I was reminded this week in a podcast just how lonely business can be without connection to a community.

We’re so thankful for the community that is developing around us of passionate business owners, friends, and family who support us, challenge us, and inspire us! 

It can be tough to make community time a priority, but it is definitely worth it! 

A highlight was able to attend the Business Boutique conference in Nashville,TN this past November with several of you! I’ve been a member of the Business Boutique coaching academy for two years now. In addition to helpful and inspirational teaching sessions, it was cool to get to meet many of my fellow coaching group members in person, outside of the online space! (Face to face is always so much better, don’t you think?)

I also attended the Facebook Community Boost conference right here in Greenville, SC,  was featured by the Brooklyn Art Library for my participation in the Sketchbook Project, and one of five women featured by the Business Boutique for small business Saturday in November. 

 If you want to check out what we’re up to on a regular basis, check out our Instagram and Facebook pages! We’d love to interact with you there as we continue to build our presence and community.

This past year was definitely one to remember—a large part of making it memorable is you, our valued community!

We couldn’t do work without you, and you guys make it so worth it! We can’t wait to look at 2019 and see the ways we all have grown this coming year.

Here’s to making 2019 the best year yet!

will your branding make or break 2019? 

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